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Browse our ever-growing collection of GrammarPoint Presentations.

Each lesson contains a lead-in exercise to introduce students to the teaching material; a structured presentation of the grammar rules, their forms and usage, accompanied by clear examples and followed by 2-4 controlled and free exercises to check students’ understanding of the material and allow them to practice using it in context.

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Our presentations are built to be as interactive as possible. Teachers are, therefore, advised to elicit information and give students the chance to provide answers before revealing them. In addition to keeping students engaged, this will also help with the pacing of the lesson and minimise teacher talking time. 

Teachers should use their own knowledge and discretion when it comes to grouping and timing of activities. When using our presentations, teachers should be mindful of the best way to group students for each activity, depending on their class size, level and make-up, as well as the appropriate amount of time their students will require for each activity.


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