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GrammarPoints Hub is a place where teachers of English language can find entire grammar lessons in PowerPoint format.


As members of the EFL teaching community, we understand, firsthand, how daunting teaching English grammar can be: everything from researching the grammar and presenting it in a coherent and digestible way to practicing it with your students and answering any follow-up questions can feel like a challenge! So, in order to eliminate (or at least, minimise) these challenges and make all of our lives a little easier, we have compiled a selection of PowerPoint Presentations on various English grammar topics, which can be used to teach entire grammar lessons.


Our GrammarPoint Presentations are complete lessons consisting of lead-in and warmer activities, concise presentations and explanations of grammar rules with clear examples, and follow-on activities to help students practice and produce what they have learned. They can be used as stand alone lessons or as part of a lesson, and are compatible with both face-to-face lessons in the classroom and online lessons through any application which allows screen sharing, such as Zoom, Google Classroom or Microsoft teams.


As well as our Presentations, we also provide a list of supplementary materials for each lesson, which can be used in conjunction with our Presentations to help students practice what they have learned. 


So, join us today for access to our ever growing library of GrammarPoint Presentations and never have to plan another grammar lesson again!

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Allow students further practice and increase their confidence with our FREE! Supplementary Materials.

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